ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Training members of the community to watch out for each other, but not against criminals.

Instead, they're watching out for law enforcement.

In Alamance County two groups that help immigrants held their first meeting to educate folks in the community about a new system they're implementing.

The goal is to help prevent people living in the county illegally from getting picked up by ICE Agents.

"These are our neighbors, and we should do everything we can to support our neighbors, and love our neighbors, and show them that we care them and want them to stay here in this community," said Amy Belfer, who attended the meeting.

So what is this new system?

Essentially it is a spotter system.

Organizers say undocumented immigrants live in fear when rumors start in their communities about agents moving in.

"We want people to go out, work, go to school, and perform their daily activities without fear," said Laura Garduño Garcia, who organized the meeting.

This spotter system would allow people who don't have any fear of deportation to call into a hotline, when they think an ICE agent is nearby.

The system can then dispatch someone to investigate and whether it is, or isn't an agent, that information would be sent out to undocumented immigrants.

"You should take appropriate steps to protect yourself so you are not kidnaped by ice," said Garduño Garcia.

ICE thinks the new system was created on a lack of information.

"Any person thinking about helping a person avoid contact with ice first needs to understand what ice does and doesn't do. 90 percent of all persons arrested by ICE thus far this year happened after they had been criminally arrested for something other than their immigration status," said Bryan D. Cox, who works with ICE.

Agents want to make it very clear they don't canvass neighborhoods and round people up.

They say they go places with a clear target in mind.

"So if ICE is going to a location to make an arrest, there's a good reason for that arrest. The overwhelming majority of persons arrested by ICE were arrested pursuant to a criminal arrest -- public safety matter," said Cox.

ICE agents show up for a specific person or people, but if they do run into someone else who is undocumented they don't turn a blind eye.

Is this warning system, illegal?

ICE says there's a federal statute pertaining to obstruction of justice..but enforcement would be on a case by case basis.