HACK #1:​ ​Do a reverse sear.

Instead of going for the traditional method of pan searing the steak first, then finishing it in the oven, slow roast the steak in the oven at a low temperature, then sear it over the stovetop for the last few minutes. The result is perfectly cooked, tender meat with a crisp, caramelized exterior.

HACK #1:​ ​Do a reverse sear.

HACK #2: Marinate the meat after it's cooked.

Marinating steak before cooking actually makes it harder to sear the steak because it’s wet from the marinade, plus the sugars in the marinade stick to your pans and grill and burn. Marinating the steak after it cooks (and while it rests) is actually the best time. The steak soaks up all those delicious flavors, plus the marinade doubles as a succulent sauce.

HACK #3: Meatloaf Makeover…

HACK #2: Marinate the meat AFTER it's cooked.

It’s the most boring beef dish of all time, right? Well, this is NOT your Mama’s meatloaf. Stuff it with cheese and wrap it with bacon for major wow factor!